Cast of Characters

    Meet the Cast of Steele Ridge

    Ever wonder who we used as visual inspiration for our characters? Our secrets are revealed below!

    Grif Steele (Going HARD)

    aka Tom Welling

    Sports Agent

    Steele Ridge's City Manager

    Carlie Beth Parrish (Going HARD)

    aka Jessica Chastain

    Blacksmith, Artist

    Grif Steele's Love Interest

    Reid Steele (Living FAST)

    aka Henry Cavill

    Former Green Beret

    Head of Steele Ridge Law Enforcement Training Center

    Brynne Whitfield (Living FAST)

    aka Amy Teegarden

    Owner of La Belle Style Boutique

    Reid Steele's Love Interest

    Britt Steele (Loving DEEP)

    aka Chris Hemsworth

    Wildlife Biologist, Construction Contractor

    Head of Steele-Shepherd Wildlife Research Center

    Miranda "Randi" Shepherd (Loving DEEP)

    aka Blake Lively

    Owner of Blues, Brews & Books (Triple B)

    Britt Steele's Love Interest

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