Steele Ridge

W   elcome to Steele Ridge, North Carolina, where even small towns have secrets...


Looking for your newest binge read?

Grab these 3 full-length romantic suspense books and ignite your love for Steele Ridge's favorite foodies--The Kingstons. Take this family adventure and discover intrigue, heroism, and--most of all—epic love.

Craving HEAT by Adrienne Giordano - a romantic suspense novel with a kick-butt small-town female sheriff and a superstar, alpha male athlete. This action-packed, sports story forces the fish-out-of water hero under the sheriff’s protection.

Tasting FIRE by Kelsey Browning - a second chance medical romance featuring a firefighter and an ER doctor who both serve on the local SWAT team.

Searing NEED by Tracey Devlyn - an enemies-to-friends romance, featuring a military hero and a botanist who work together to bring down a sociopath.


August 13, 2016

Kelsey Browning

August 13, 2016

Tracey Devlyn

August 13, 2016

Adrienne Giordano