7 – Enduring LOVE

Living Fast/Vowing Love Duo
2a – Living FAST & Vowing LOVE Duet
July 13, 2020
Cover of Stripping Bare by Kelsey Browning
6 – Stripping BARE
October 21, 2016

Enduring LOVE

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From the outside looking in, Joan Steele has everything--her health, a beautiful home, and six wonderful adult children. But deep inside, she’s missing what every woman wants. A man to love and share her life with.

When an ex-convict shows up in Steele Ridge, Joan knows he means to do her family harm. And she can’t help but put the blame at her estranged husband’s feet. After twenty years of marital limbo, Joan has sacrificed enough for the man.

Now she vows to fight back, but will her family’s broken past destroy her future with the love of her life?