12 – Beneath the Mistletoe

A Rogue Santa by Adrienne Giordano cover
9 – A Rogue Santa
August 24, 2020
For the Love of Santa by Adrienne Giordano cover
11 – For the Love of Santa
August 24, 2020
Beneath the Mistletoe by Tracey Devlyn cover

Beneath the Mistletoe

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T he night before the Kingston Farm’s annual holiday festival, Riley, Way, Cash, Shep, and Maggie each come across big footprints in the snow. Believing their Steele cousins have staged an elaborate practical joke, they don’t take it seriously until their parents’ pre-festival get-together, where they all share similar sightings. Meanwhile, Ross and Sandy are navigating the final preparations for the family’s festival kick-off dinner, including a Tofu Turkey and their shocking holiday helpers—the Blackwells.

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