Welcome to Steele Ridge, North Carolina, a small town nestled in the mountains, where happily ever afters and adventures abound.

As you stroll down Main Street, you’ll come across Blues, Brews and Books (aka Triple B, a local hangout for our sexy heroes, kick-ass heroines and all their family and friends), Mad Batter Bakery (whose sidewalk sign provides eerie but insightful information), La Belle Style fashion boutique, Old Murchison Building, the sheriff’s office, and so many other fun places for the Steeles, the Kingstons, and the Blackwells to get into trouble.

Take a short drive out of town, and you’ll find Tupelo Hill (Steele family HQ & location of more than a few paintball fights), Steele-Shepherd Wildlife Research Center, Steele Ridge Training Center (hosting sexy law enforcement officials, athletes, and military heroes), Kingston Family Farm and Market (home of Big Foot sightings), and The Friary (home to the black sheep Blackwells).

Our little town has it all–passion, intrigue, family, a billionaire, second chance lovers, fish out of water, friends-to-lovers, a secret baby, fur-babies, enemies-to-lovers, secret babies, quirky characters, food wars, paintball fights, and speed racer grannies.

Steele Ridge burst from the imaginations of USA Today bestselling authors Tracey Devlyn, Adrienne Giordano and Kelsey Browning. We invite you to visit Steele Ridge, where even small towns have secrets.