8 – Vowing LOVE

Christmas Capers Box Set #4 (Capers 10-12)
August 24, 2020
Living Fast/Vowing Love Duo
2a – Living FAST & Vowing LOVE Duet
July 13, 2020
Cover for Vowing Love by Adrienne Giordano; Couple kissing with a red overlay; happy

Vowing LOVE

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When the biggest Steele bachelor finally ties the knot, nothing will keep him from walking down the aisle...

A groom cutting loose on his wedding night isn't out of the ordinary. But Reid Steele’s buddies throw a bachelor party Green Beret style, where no man is left behind...or left standing. Reid wakes up the next morning with a hangover to end all hangovers. Or maybe still drunk. Either way, his head is pounding out its own wedding march. The thought of settling down once terrified Reid. Now, the only thing he's scared of is ruining Brynne's big day. She's the love of his life, and he's determined to be in ceremony shape no matter what.

Here comes the bride...and she is furious. She finds Reid wasted on his mama's couch. Brynne Whitfield's no bridezilla, but after her train wreck of a first marriage, she wanted a perfect start to this one. So, yeah, it hurts. And stirs up old insecurities. Can she forgive his screw up? Reid is a wild card, but he's also the man she wants to wake up to for the rest of her life.

Unfortunately, Brynne’s not the only angry wife in Steele Ridge. Trouble is on the guest list, turning Brynne and Reid’s dream day into a nightmare. Reid must defuse the situation—and stay alive—in time to say “I do.”

August 13, 2016

Steele Ridge: The Beginning

August 11, 2020

6a – Stripping BARE & Enduring LOVE Duet

July 6, 2016
Cover of Going Hard by Kelsey Browning

1 – Going HARD

August 13, 2016
Cover of Living Fast by Adrienne Giordano

2 – Living FAST

August 16, 2016
Cover of Loving Deep by Tracey Devlyn

3 – Loving DEEP

October 21, 2016
Cover of Breaking Free by Adrienne Giordano

4 – Breaking FREE

October 21, 2016
Cover of Roaming Wild by Tracey Devlyn

5 – Roaming WILD

October 21, 2016
Cover of Stripping Bare by Kelsey Browning

6 – Stripping BARE