Christmas Capers Box Set #4 (Capers 10-12)

Christmas Capers Box Set #3 (Capers 7-9)
August 24, 2020
Cover for Vowing Love by Adrienne Giordano; Couple kissing with a red overlay; happy
8 – Vowing LOVE
June 6, 2019

Christmas Capers Box Set #4 (Capers 10-12)

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Do you love visiting beloved characters during the holidays? Steele Ridge Christmas Capers transport readers back to their favorite small town to experience 12 new fun, heartwarming, lightly suspenseful stories.

In this box set, you’ll be reunited with Shep, Way, Ross, and Sandy Kingston.

The Puppy Present by Kelsey Browning

After rock star Joss performs a sell-out holiday concert, she and her boyfriend, Shep, discover someone has puppy-napped service dog Charley.

For the Love of Santa by Adrienne Giordano

When Roni’s beloved Santa statue is stolen, she and Way search for a thief, but will Santa come home before Roni’s dream life is shattered?

Beneath the Mistletoe by Tracey Devlyn

While the Kingstons prepare for the family’s holiday festival, their world is tipped upside down, between discovering big footprints in the snow and navigating a rare visit by their black sheep cousins—the Blackwells.

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