6 – Stripping BARE

6a – Stripping BARE & Enduring LOVE Duet
August 11, 2020
Cover of Roaming Wild by Tracey Devlyn
5 – Roaming WILD
October 21, 2016
Cover of Stripping Bare by Kelsey Browning

Stripping BARE

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Video game mogul Jonah Steele may be a billionaire, but as the youngest brother in a family of alphas, his struggle to prove his worth is all-consuming. Although he saved his hometown from ruin, he can’t forgive himself for the biggest failure of his life.

As a teenager, Tessa Martin survived one of the most devastating nights of her life. Now, she’s a corporate psychologist and stronger than ever. She also has her sights set on Jonah Steele, her former boss and the only man who can track down the hacker who compromised her confidential client files. But can she confess that Jonah’s deepest secrets were exposed as well?

As the threat distorts into a real-life version of Jonah’s legendary video game, his and Tessa’s complicated emotional past—and the secrets buried there—could prove fatal. Will they strip away the past and reveal their feelings for one another, or allow it to blind them to a killer’s twisted game of revenge?

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