4 – A Holly Jolly Homecoming

His Holiday Miracle by Adrienne Giordano cover
3 – His Holiday Miracle
August 10, 2020
Hope for the Holidays by Kelsey Browning cover
5 – Hope for the Holidays
August 24, 2020
A Holly Jolly Homecoming by Trace Devlyn cover

A Holly Jolly Homecoming

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W hen Steele Ridge honors its military heroes with a holiday potluck, Riley uses the event as a cover to surprise Coen. But a loose-lipped brother and a bunch of strange-acting townsfolk derail her plans. She’s certain the day can’t get any worse—until Coen turns the tables and surprises her with a gift she’ll never forget.

More by Tracey
August 24, 2020
For the Love of Santa by Adrienne Giordano cover

11 – For the Love of Santa

August 24, 2020
Beneath the Mistletoe by Tracey Devlyn cover

12 – Beneath the Mistletoe

August 24, 2020
A Rogue Santa by Adrienne Giordano cover

9 – A Rogue Santa